Feb 9, 2011

LOST alum casting news

Some casting news about these four awesome LOST alums this week. Click here to see the list over at Flash Sideways.

And as a side note, I can't believe there are still some of you who visit this blog. I get views everyday, and I haven't even posted in here since I started my other one. It just makes my cold, dead heart swell :') Thanks, Losties.

Jan 4, 2011

NEW blog by yours truly!

I've started a new blog called Two and Twenty (because I'm 22 today :) and the title is based on the A.E. Housman poem, 'When I was one-and-twenty'). It's a design inspiration blog about things I find interesting and it's not related to LOST (but that doesn't mean LOST won't ever be mentioned *wink wink*). I decided to start Two and Twenty because as a graphic design student (and very-soon-to-be freelance designer, yikes), there needs to be a place for me to unload anything and everything that peaks my interest, visually. Stop by when you can, say hello, spread the word. If graphic design is something that interests you, or if you enjoy looking at lovely things like food, fashion, photography, and the like, I'm sure you'll enjoy the blog as it grows. I will still be blogging LOST stuff regularly from Flash Sideways, and tweeting from @aouaLOST, but Two and Twenty will also have its own Twitter account, @MichaTwoTwenty. Until we meet again, Losties and friends, cheers!