Mar 26, 2010

Todos nos vamos al Infierno

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1. Full Bottle (non-tiling, set your background to white)
I really hope someone uses these. So if that person is you, kindly give me a heads up either in the comments or on Twitter (@aouaLOST). The first one was my background until I posted it here. Now it's for all of you. Thanks.

So on Tuesday's episode, "Ab Aeterno," Jacob gave us some insight on just what the Island is. And no, contrary to what Richard believes, it isn't Hell. Jacob described it as a cork on the mouth of a wine bottle. In this metaphor, the wine represents evil, darkness. When the cork is placed, the darkness is contained. When it is removed, the world becomes corrupted. The darkness Jacob is referring to of course is the Man in Black.

So there you have it. The Island is sort of like Hell, but only for the Man in Black. For everyone else, it's...Purgatory? I mean, Jacob did describe it as a place where you could basically forget your past, no matter how bad it was, and attempt to redeem yourself. And from everything we've seen, that seems about right. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or what-have-you, is a place on Earth.

Now that we're at the half-way point, after seeing this episode, there's only one question that really matters: Will the bottle be uncorked?


April said...

Using the empty one. I love it!

Andrew said...

used the bottle sealed! nice! thanks.

LOST SideSteps said...

glad you like it, and thanks for the heads up, guys!

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