Feb 25, 2010

Numbers Twitter/desktop background Mega-post

(click on pics for full resolution)

So last week, after five+ seasons, we finally found out what the numbers mean. To celebrate, I made the "Numbers" series: six sets of non-tiling Twitter and desktop backgrounds. This is a compilation of all those sets. The first pic of each set below is for Twitter, the second for your desktop (1280x800). All Twitter backgrounds here are non-tiling, set your background to white (ffffff).

If you'll notice, each character's background includes an identifying symbol. Locke's is the smoke monster, Hurley's is his winning lottery ticket, Sawyer's is his letter to "Mr. Sawyer", Sayid's is a picture of Nadia (along with an inscription), Jack's is an x-ray, and finally, the Kwon's is the flower that Jin gives to Sun in Sydney.

4 - Locke

8 - Reyes

15 - Ford

16 - Jarrah

23 - Shephard

42 - Kwon


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