Feb 27, 2010

The 51/15 Mirror

(click on pics for full resolution; more pics below)

The picture above is desktop size. The first of the two pics below is a non-tiling Twitter background, set your background to white. The second is for your desktop.

This is the second installment in the "Unofficial Numbers" series, and yes, it is just for SKaters! :) If you have been watching out for this pairing for some time, then you may have noticed that their Jacob-assigned numbers (assuming screencaps are accurate, and Austen is in fact #51) are mirrors of each other. So of course, being a long time Skater myself, and at the request of a Twitter buddy, I had to make these. Whether they end up together or not, you can't ignore the symmetry, both in the numbers, and in their respective back-stories. I for one can't wait until these two cross paths in the alternate.


Manz said...

Nice graphics!

I already like what we've seen between the two in the "alternate". The elevator scene at the airport was great!

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