Sep 29, 2010

So about what I said...

(click on pics for full size)

All three of these are tiling, please check the tile background box in the design panel. To see what two of the three look like live, visit @aouaLOST and @SideStepsTEST.

A few months ago when LOST ended, I was all, "This is the last Twitter background I will ever give you here"...Yeah. I lied.

But not without good reason, friends! There's a new version of Twitter out, and because of the much wider user interface, you can't see much of your background unless you're on a wide screen (Meanwhile, new Twitter is stunning on Mac's cinema displays and the old backgrounds look just fine). On your typical laptop, old Twitter had about 250 pixels to the left and right of the page content. The new version shrinks that down to about 112 pixels on each side (The sidebar is now semi-transparent, though a little more transparency wouldn't hurt, in my opinion). For that small a space, I've found that tall, tiling backgrounds work best. So here you have it. Last ones, for real this time.

Sep 23, 2010


EDIT: I now have the new version of Twitter, and yes, people with larger displays/monitors/resolutions will still have a lot of background space. Laptop users and the like, there's probably only an inch or so left on each side, so read on.

There's about to be big changes as the new version of Twitter launches globally within the next few weeks. Now I don't have it just yet, but I have seen previews. The first thing I noticed is that the new interface takes up most of the screen, so for most people, the Twitter backgrounds on LOST SideSteps are about to become obsolete, save for this and these. They are both tiling backgrounds.

Of course for those folks who have giant monitors, the rest of the backgrounds on here are probably fine. Then again, I don't have the new version yet, so I don't know how the background placement is coded. Just giving you a heads up. Namaste.