Jan 22, 2010

The crash of flight 815

September 22, 2004 was a big day for millions of people, both real and fictitious. That's the day Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 fell out of the sky and hurtled towards the twisted world that waited for it below. It's the day our characters, inextricably linked from the beginning, finally became aware of each other's existence, their violently real and palpable connection.

The way season five ended had many of us fans wondering if we would ever get to witness this crash again. Will there be a reset? Does flight 815 crash whether the past is changed or not? Whatever happens in this final season, I'm sure it will shock and amaze.

We only have eleven days left of this most epic wait, our most bittersweet hiatus. As always click for a bigger version, and have a pleasant day.


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