Jan 25, 2010

Just count to five

Jack, Jack, Jack. When this series started, it was so clear who the hero of the story was supposed to be. He had all the conventional signs of heroism. He was a doctor, handsome but not off-putting, charming, dependable and true.

But of course, LOST is not a conventional show. In five seasons we've watched Jack fall into depression and alcoholism. We saw him obsess over things he so desperately wanted to change, faced with the very real possibility that these things were not meant to be fixed. It consumed him, drove him to self-loathing lows to be controlled at every step by his destiny, especially because he denied its existence so vocally. This is not a portrait of a hero, but the portrait of a human being. I don't always love the guy (I'm partial to Sawyer), but you can't hate him for trying.

And now we enter the sixth season, with the good doctor planted firmly at our side, likely ending this journey with us, as sure-footed as he was when it began.

I hope you find what you're looking for. Eight days to destiny. Click pic for bigger version.


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