Jan 23, 2010


The season five finale brought us face to face with someone we have waited years to see. Of course you know, I'm talking about Jacob. We always expected to meet him eventually, but who he brought with him was the biggest surprise. The Man in Black, as most call him, is a game-changer. He came into the story and brought an entirely new game with him, a game that engulfed the lives of our characters in a truly profound way, most notably John Locke.

Jacob and the Man in Black are on a whole other level of mythology. Their existence affects every facet of the show, from the smoke monster, to Richard's agelessness, to all this talk about destiny. Their meeting on the beach, in that now iconic finale scene, was eerily calm, and yet it held so much weight with it. People dissected it as soon as the episode aired. Everything down to that fish Jacob was cooking. Was it a red snapper or a red herring?

There have been many examples of rivalries between men on LOST, but I guarantee you that none is as ancient as this. Just ten days left, friends. Enjoy.


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