Jan 25, 2010


If ever two people were destined to be together, it's these guys. Want proof? Jacob said so himself. Sun and Jin have been separated for three years now. Even though Sun got back to the Island, she didn't get back to the timeline her husband was in.

It's overwhelming. The pull between them is so strong that she leaves their daughter back home and risks her life on the off chance that Jin is still alive.

It's so easy to root for such a stable pairing as this, a marriage, still standing after being tested so much. But what if these two never meet again? This is LOST after all, and we have to start entertaining the possibility that circumstance will trump destiny this time around. That said, would it really be that bad if they never reunite? Sure it would be devastating, but wouldn't it only be that much more beautiful? To love someone so much, it actually hurts you, threatens to destroy you. To love someone so much and have it reciprocated 100%, but never know it for sure. It's beautiful because it's tragic.

Only seven days to go.


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