Jan 27, 2010

Still got my back?

(Tired as a mofo, so bear with me)

I love Sawyer. I love Sawyer with Kate. When season four ended with the fugitive lovers separating for an indefinite amount of time, it became painfully clear with whom each would end up. In the three years that followed, Kate naturally hooked up with Jack, and Sawyer...well, Sawyer ended up with Juliet. You could see this pairing from a mile away. It was in season five's "Lafleur" that the couple was finally revealed.

I was so ready to rain on their parade, but when I finally saw the two together, I was stunned. They were sweet. Maybe not as fiery, maybe not as intense, but every bit as tragic and with ten times the commitment. My "Skater" heart was shaken (if I may be so dramatic).

Now, does that mean I root for them? No. But do I shun them? Absolutely not. Their final scene together during the "incident" still gets me every time. It had me wondering how I could have ever not loved Juliet as a character, and made me sing Sawyer's (and Josh Holloway's) praises all the more.

So now we have only six days left to the premiere. How'd we let it creep up on us this quickly?


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