Jan 27, 2010

What if you weren't cursed?

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes has done a good job at offering some comic relief through the years. In a show where tragedy seems to loom at every corner, he's certainly served us well. Don't get me wrong. He may be good for kicks and giggles, but Hurley is also an integral piece of the LOST puzzle.

There is a reason he has survived as long as he has. He is, in a word, special. The numbers, perhaps the most identifiable LOST icon of them all, have followed Hurley at every step of his journey and ours. Of all the characters, he is the only one who is able to communicate fully with the dead. Unlike Miles, who converses with the dead through a "feeling" that allows him to know what the they knew when they were alive, Hurley walks side by side with his ghosts. Hell, he even plays chess with them.

Because of this, our dear friend started to think he was cursed. After he left the island, the dead began to haunt him. Before he arrived, he believed the numbers were the root of all his misfortunes. But what if he isn't cursed, as Jacob said? What if he were blessed? And if it's true that he is blessed, then what is the true meaning of being able to walk through life with your ghosts? What is the value of that gift?

We're about to find out. Five days to go.

NOTE: Gonna be out of town for a few days, so no new artworks till early morning on Monday. However, aouaLOST will still be tweeting LOST news as usual, so follow me (link in the sidebar). Cheers!


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