Mar 31, 2010


(click pics for full resolution)

These are non-tiling Twitter backgrounds; set your background color to white.

BRAIN FART, I just noticed that I have forever been typing "set you background to...", since I just copy and paste that sentence from whatever the last post I wrote was. I do know how to write, just a one time typo repeated again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

Anyway. These backgrounds feature Jacob and Flocke in a similar pose. I personally like the first one the most. The simplicity of it pops more on screen and frames the content of the page well. (Random note: the triangles in the second one are actually pieces of the smoke monster screencapped from season 2!)

Also note that Blogger is doing this thing now where when you click on an image it fits itself into your window. You have to make sure to hover over it and click when you see the magnifying glass to get it full size.


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