Mar 5, 2010

No. 101: Faraday

(click pics for full resolution)

The first pic in this post is another non-tiling Twitter background; set you background color to white. The second is a desktop background.

Number 101, of cave and lighthouse fame, is our beloved physicist, Daniel Faraday. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses this endearing, skinny tie-wearing time travel expert. Namaste.


Erin said...

Beautiful! I'm head over heels for Daniel. So anxious to see him again in Sideways-World. Awesome background, as are your others!

Manz said...

I second Erin - going to be great to see what they do with Dan in this final season. I wonder if he will be a loving brother in law to Desmond.

Keep the great designs coming! They're fantastic!!

LOST SideSteps said...

Thanks! I haven't really been reading spoilers, so if Faraday does show up, I don't know for how long. Although I'm sure we're in for a treat, and agree that his intro this season will probably have something to do with Desmond.

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