Mar 2, 2010

Like Water for Alternate

(click pics for full resolution)

Happy LOST Tuesday, peeps! These are two non-tiling Twitter backgrounds featuring the submerged four-toed foot and shark as seen in "LA X". Set your background to black (000000). The first, which I like a lot, is oriented differently than the Twitter backgrounds I usually do. It's made to run across the top half of the page and fade down into black. The second fades sideways. You guys should really snap these up, coz I totally *heart* them :)

"Unofficial Numbers" Series will resume tomorrow with #171 Straume. Tonight's episode is entitled "Sundown."

Now you may be wondering why I've rehashed this underwater scene from the premiere. *SPOILER alert* Last week at Paleyfest, the producers were asked to describe the final episodes of the show. Their response? "Water." And there you have it folks. It seems only fitting that we'll end the season tying up a loose end from the premiere. Standard practice for LOST. Only this time, when it ends, it will be forever.


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