Apr 8, 2010

God loves you as He loved Jacob

(click pics for full resolution)

These backgrounds are enormous (1600x1200), and while they aren't technically tiling, please go ahead and check the 'tile background' box. You won't notice it if you're on a laptop, but for someone viewing your page with a big monitor, it will tile well.

These backgrounds come in three colors: Black Rock brown, 70's panelling, and Smoke (grayscale). All feature that famous phrase from Dharma's Room 23, and the blue butterfly from "Ab Aeterno". Now, why a butterfly? Could be a few reasons: a shout-out to Wonderland, a shout out to "The Moth", the Geronimo Jackson album cover perhaps (it includes the Native American symbol of a butterly, representing everlasting life)? Butterflies symbolize rebirth, and are seen as the personification of the human soul. All reasons are valid.

This is how the first one (Black Rock brown, my personal fave) looks like when applied. Click on the pic below to see it on Twitter:


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