Apr 27, 2010

I never stopped looking for you

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These are non-tiling Twitter backgrounds; set your background color to white. (To see this background live, visit @SideStepsTEST. Note that the background of that account usually changes everyday without notice.)

One new background in two colors: vibrant and faded (with the background characters made extra blurry...coz this moment is all about Sun and Jin, after all.)

When I title these posts I usually pick a quote from the episode. I didn't go with it this time, but there was a line in that episode that honestly choked me up more than their reunion, and it was this one: "It's over...and we're all going to be okay." Which leads me to ask: are we going to be okay when this is over? When word got out that filming had wrapped a few days ago, it's like the Internet broke. Full-on, no holds barred, sobbing from LOSTies everywhere...okay, maybe not sobbing, but you get the picture.

Now normally, this would be where I say "Happy LOST Tuesday", but there is no new LOST episode tonight, so I guess it's just...Happy Tuesday. There will be a re-run of "Ab Aeterno" tonight though, so since you probably already have your Tuesday nights reserved for LOST, you may want to tune in.


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