Apr 3, 2010

Want some cocoa?

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If you frequent this blog, you'll quickly realize that I love Sawyer and Kate. This is a promo pic from "The Package." Lots of fireside moments this season, huh?

I particularly loved the opening scene where Sawyer offers Freckles some "cocoa." It stuck out because it reminded me of so many moments on this show where Sawyer, during heightened periods of desperation, manages to calm his multi-timeline friend and former lover. In a feeble attempt to guard Kate's fragility, he tells her to "pretend" she's been given a steaming cup of hot chocolate. (So very Charlie/Claire circa 2004) What makes it so damn cute is that the man does this all the time, keeping it cool for the both of them, because someone has to, right? And really, what girl wouldn't accept a fishbiscuit or imaginary beverage from Sawyer? Yeah. I'd take that action.


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