Apr 29, 2010

He hated all this, and somehow he couldn't get away

(click pic for full resolution)

This is a non-tiling Twitter background; set your background color to black. (To see this background live, visit @SideStepsTEST. Note that the background of that account usually changes everyday without notice.)

This background features Christian's second on-Island appearance to Jack. Of course now we know that wasn't really Christian, but the Man in Black. And despite everything that has happened to the survivors since they met, he still insists that all he has ever done was try to help. This was revealed to Jack via Flocke in last week's "The Last Recruit."

On a different note...I hate to say it, but this mini hiatus from LOST has really been good to me. As you know, I've been staggering backgrounds recently because there was no new episode this week. Yesterday I sat at Starbucks and made this one, and it was quite relaxing (LOL, I'm a nerd). Normally I make one everyday; sometimes even three or four a day so I can spread them throughout the week. These days I make them when the mood hits me.

When designing these backgrounds, it's not always about looking forward. Most times it's about looking back. Wonderful thing about LOST is, we spend a lot of time revisiting past events. Maybe they seem mundane the first time around, but one way or another, every moment contributes something to the greater picture.

Anyway, you can stop crying now, there's a new episode next week. Did you hear that promo? Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great work on all your backgrounds. Thought I'd mention that it appears the pic may have a couple of people in the background, at the edge of the water at the far point.

LOST SideSteps said...

Oh, I hadn't noticed that. Well seeing as this is screencapped from the episode, those could have been crew members, or extras or something.

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