Apr 5, 2010

Trust is like a mirror...

as Lady Gaga lovingly put it, "...you can fix it if it's broke, but you can still see the cracks in that motherfucker's reflection."

(click pics for full resolution)

The first pic is a non-tiling Twitter background; set your background color to black. The second is for your desktop.

Jacob chose his candidates by touching them; MIB has a different approach. He reaches out, and invites you to trust him, calls you his friend, makes you feel safe. But based on everything we've been told, the man in black is a dangerous one: a swirling mass trapped in his own personal hell, not to be trusted. Luckily our friends who have been chilling in MIB's camp these last few weeks (with the exception of Claire, Sayid, and miscellaneous Others), aren't buying any of it. They all just want out.

Alas, poor Flocke. You're not quite as good at this as Jacob was. But once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger. (So much Gaga this weekend; it's like every damn channel is playing that video)


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