Feb 28, 2010

No. 313: Littleton

(click on pics for full resolution)

The first pic in this post is another non-tiling Twitter background; set you background color to white. The second is a desktop background.

This is the third installment of the "Unofficial Numbers" Series, the second in terms of single character sets (yesterday's was Sawyer and Kate). If you've been studying screencaps, you'll see that Littleton is number 313 in the cave, and yes the name is crossed out. Whether that means Claire or Aaron, I don't know. In either case, they're both featured in the backgrounds above. If you'd like a list of all the visible names on the cave walls and the wheel, check out this handy guide from Lostpedia.

Meanwhile, what do you think of Claire 2.0, whom we discovered in last week's episode to be *spoiler alert* MIB's cohort? Tell me in the comments, and as always, have a great day!


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