Feb 8, 2010

LOST character-themed Twitter backgrounds

(click for bigger pic/full resolution)

And now some stuff you can actually use! That's not to say my other stuff is useless. Most of my other work here is slightly bigger than 1280x800 pixels, which means they're a good size for most laptop desktop wallpapers. If you've been on this blog before, you'll notice the themes above are actually recycled from older posts.

These backgrounds are specifically for Twitter. They are non-tiling and are a decent enough file size (highest is 416 KB, which is about half maximum size Twitter allows). Click on the pics above to get a full resolution copy, then right click and save. In Twitter's design settings, set your background color to white, and uncheck the 'tile background' button (for best results!). Then, make any necessary color scheme changes to your text and sidebar as you wish, and you're good to go. If you have at least a 13" screen (e.g. Macbook size), you'll see that they fit very nicely into that little space to the left of all your content.

Just these five today. More to come tomorrow. Cheers!


trustno1 said...

WOW they're awesome, looking forward for Ben's one! :-) Cheers! x

SciFiHorrorFem said...

GREAT LOST Twitter backgrounds! Thanks for sharing them! I'll have to investigate your blog further. I snagged several of the LOST Twitter backgrounds and think I'll change them periodically. Thanks again!

Gerald said...

I'm such a LOST freak! I love the story and the twists of the series. It's like the movie "The Condemned", so much action and suspense. On my personal twitter account I have "Lost" as my background. But on my business twitter account of course I use professional twitter background to put some branding in it. My buddies too have "Lost" as their twitter background. And our choice of background style also shows some similarities with the characters' personality on the series.

total12 said...

I post the artwork used on All of Us Are LOST, my personal fan art, and any other notable art related to LOST. Squeeze Page Templates

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