Feb 6, 2010

To tweet or not to tweet

Just thinking out loud here, Losties. (Jeez, does anyone ever even read these?, LOL) I was wondering if I should set up a separate Twitter account specifically for LOST SideSteps, in case there were any aouaLOST followers who liked the art but not the show, and therefore didn't care for any of the other updates I post on the aouaLOST Twitter account. And then I thought, who would even bother to look in here if they weren't a fan of the show? Unless of course, you're just such a hardcore art fan that you're wiling to deal with my 20 non-art related tweets a day just to get to my one art-related tweet at 3 in the morning. Yeah, didn't think so. Guess I just answered my own question.

If you are reading this, then you most likely do follow aouaLOST on Twitter, and to that I say thank you! I really appreciate it, especially because this is something I started doing a few months ago completely on a whim to supplement a web development project. Hope you're enjoying this final season. Namaste, and good day!


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