Feb 24, 2010

Candidate No. 42 (6th of 6)

(click pics for full resoulution)

The first pic in this post is another non-tiling Twitter background; set you background color to white. The second is a desktop background.

This is the last combo in the "Numbers" series. I may update this particular set when we find out which of the Kwons is number 42, but in the meantime, enjoy. I will be consolidating all the backgrounds in this series into a mega-post tomorrow, and when we find out who #108 is, he or she will have his or her turn in the Twitter background spotlight as well.

What did you think of last night's episode, "Lighthouse"? Were you as pissed as I was when Jack started breaking mirrors before we got to finally find out who number 108 is?

Meanwhile, someone mentioned on Twitter just as I was thinking about it, that I should make one for Kate, who people are saying is number 51 on Jacob's list. When I have the time, I will definitely do so. Call it an "unofficial numbers" series, if you like. I guess I better start studying those screencaps!


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