Feb 7, 2010

He'll knock your block off. In both timelines.

Sometimes TV fans like to throw a little game around and ask, "If could be a character on (insert fave TV show here), who would you like to be?" Yeah. Mull over that for an hour. That's a much tougher question to ask on LOST, a show where literally no one has it easy. Seriously. Even the dead guy's in a pickle.

Personally, I have a top three list of peeps that, for obvious reasons, I would never want to be: Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. Ah Sawyer. Our newly-heartbroken friend is sure in for a ride this season. If it's true that sides are about to be chosen, then it's not really hard to guess which he'll chose, seeing as his world has just been rocked by Juliet's very preventable death. (If you're a fan of the pairing, then this next episode may make you cry).

But what about the other side of the coin? What is Sawyer's life like in LOST's mirror world? Where everything is different yet somehow still the same? From what little we saw of him in "LA X", I think we can safely surmise he's still a con man, but I don't think he ever killed that shrimp truck guy in Australia. He's still a smooth-talker, and still protective of Kate (Skaters were made of squee Tuesday night, myself included). We recognize that in this timeline, he's much calmer and like a thousand times less self-loathing, but is he necessarily better off? That's yet to be discovered.

Three days to episode 6.03, guys. Have a good one!


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