Feb 26, 2010

No. 51: Be good, Katie

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The first pic in this post is another non-tiling Twitter background; set you background color to white. The second is a desktop background.

What? 51 is a number too you know. Sure it may not be one of the numbers, but let's not forget that Kate met Jacob very early in life. So for anyone who still loves Kate (and I know you're out there), this one's for you.

This is the first installment of a new series of Twitter/desktop sets related to all those other numbers. I've been looking over a list of confirmed names that appeared either in the cave, the lighthouse, or both, and have decided that I will be including in my "Unofficial Numbers" series those numbers in which there is little doubt whom they represent (e.g. #51 Austen, #313 Littleton, etc.). Jeez, did that even make sense? Ugh, so tired.

Anyway, Kate is first, and before I forget, you may have noticed (especially if you're a Skater) that Kate being 51 and Sawyer being 15 makes them mirrors of each other. And yes Skaters, that means I have a gift for you. Stay tuned.

Apologies if any of this was incoherent. I wrote it at three in the morning scheduled to post at 11, I believe. I should stop talking. Have a good one.


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