Feb 6, 2010

Welcome back old friend

So Claire's back this season, how about that? When last we saw our favorite Aussie mum, she had abandoned her baby boy, Aaron to follow her dead father into the night.

Claire is sort of a special case. A death on LOST is never really a death, seeing as there's always someone who can either communicate with the deceased through some inherent ability, or by apparition. That's the thing, though. No one can say with 100% certainty at this point that Claire is even dead. Sure she was pretty shaken by the blast at the barracks in season four, but we never actually got to see her die. The only tangible evidence we have to go on is her presence in the cabin with Christian, but other than that, nada.

Word is that when Claire finally reappears this season in real time (not the alternate timeline), we're in for a totally different look at Aaron's mommy.

Change is in the air in both timelines. But what in both worlds will change for Claire? How does her story ultimately affect Aaron and Kate? We'll finally begin the road of resolution for these folks in the next episode entitled "What Kate Does" airing this Tuesday. Have a good one, friends!


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