May 23, 2010


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This is a tiling Twitter background. (To see this background live, visit @aouaLOST.)

You may or may not recognize this background. This is the last Twitter background I will ever give you here, but if you've been paying attention, you'll notice that it was also the first. The difference is, when I gave it to you the first time, the file itself was too large to use on Twitter. I didn't label it as a Twitter background, nor did I think anyone would ever see it. But after working some magic, we are able to come full circle. The only way to conclude on a poignant note.

This is the end, friends. Where have you been, and what did you learn? What did you find on your journey back from the edge of time and space? If we've all taken something from this shared experience, then what was it? Probably something to do with destiny, right? Commit yourself to your purpose. Embrace the person you are meant to be. Learn to face your demons, and walk through life with your ghosts. Apologize to no one for doing the unpopular thing you know is right. And should you find that you have made a mistake, know that you can always start over; nothing's irreversible. These lessons may be true of LOST, but they are also true of life.

This is why the series stands alone on its own level. It holds within it a human element. The reason LOST resonates so well with us is because while we may not always understand the mythology, what we do understand is the journey. We understand that inside each of us is a light, a life force, a purpose. We understand that when we live together, it's not just because we don't want to die alone. We understand our ability to love another being so intensely and unconditionally, that we would sacrifice everything for its safety. We understand the value and the weight of a life, and we know how to grieve its loss. In many ways, LOST is just about the clearest life story there is, and while we are sad to see it go, we are grateful to have been given this experience at all.

So this is where I say "thank you", and that it's been an honor of mine to be a part of this fandom, as you truly are the most dedicated and smartest bunch out there. I was going to save this post for right after the finale aired, but it didn't seem right somehow. So I'm gonna bow out early and let LOST do the talking. Let our old friend have the last word.

Enjoy the show. Tonight's episode is entitled, "The End", and rightfully so. To LOST fans everywhere and everywhen, thank you, Namaste, and good luck.


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