May 11, 2010

Their dice were made of bones

(click pics for full resolution) -- There are special instructions for this Twitter background. Scroll to blue. And yes, there is a desktop version of this over on Tumblr.

These are non-tiling Twitter backgrounds, please set your background color to b8b8b7 like in the screenshot below:

You know, it's actually kinda stupid how I got the idea to make this background. I was watching some SNL digital shorts, and in one of the Lonely Island sketches, "Boombox" with Julian Casablancas, one of the lyrics was "Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves." But hey, as long as it gets made, right? ;)

Anyway, this comes in two versions. While the two sided one is what I'm sure most of you will use, just keep in mind that if someone were viewing your profile on a cinema display (large screen), they'll only see the left (white) hand. And now, at the risk of sounding totally pathetic, I'm going to grovel at your feet and ask that someone please use this. LOSTies, I bow to your greatness. Now do a girl a favor and use her new fave Twitter background. I get a kick out of randomly seeing my stuff out there, can you blame me? Thematically this follows in the footsteps of that Ab Aeterno Bottle background that people seem to love, as well as the bloody one I did a few days ago. I'm gonna go ahead and tag those three "concrete", since that's the texture I used.

So how about them jazz hands? Tonight's episode is entitled "Across the Sea." Enjoy the show, guys!


Sammy said...

Awesome! You definitely have a knack for this.

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