May 7, 2010

When darkness looms

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This is a non-tiling Twitter background; set your background color to black. (To see this background live, visit @SideStepsTEST. Note that the background of that account usually changes everyday without notice.)

I like this background quite a bit. Kind of reminds me of that Ab Aeterno Wine bottle background I made in March. It's dark without being dark. Speaking of which, how is it that it was day-time when they all got on the sub, but night when Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate made it to the shore? Did I miss something, or was that a continuity error? I'm gonna go ahead and pretend I didn't see that.

Anywho, the Man in Black proclaimed he'd be finishing what he started in these coming episodes. And for the first time, I trust his words. Namste, I guess? (not to you, though, Smokie. You're the new big bad.)


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