May 5, 2010

We (for real) hardly knew ye...

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I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've already seen last night's episode, "The Candidate." M'kay? I'm also going to assume that you cried your damn eyes out. And if you didn't, well, I believe that, too. Why? Injury, death, destruction; you name it, it came in droves. It was coming at us all at once from every direction, that there was no time to react. I cringed when Kate got shot. I shrieked when Sayid got blown up. Gasped when Sawyer got clocked on the head, and Frank (dear Frank) got knocked out (is he dead, by the way? coz it sure looks like it, but there is doubt within the fandom).

But of course, last night's biggest casualty, the unshakeable, uncompromising duo that was Sun and Jin, left me without a word...and surprisingly, without a tear. It's not that I'm not sad, because I am (devastated, in fact). It's just a lot to take in, no? I'm sure it will randomly hit me, like a pipe to the head on a sinking sub. Perhaps while I'm brushing my teeth or feeding the dog. But one way or another, I just know I'll burst into tears before next week's episode.

Now back to Frank. I like Frank. I really do. But honestly, if he still has a purpose to the end of this story, then I don't know what it is. We are getting down to the wire and we cannot waste any time on seemingly minor characters, even with the added half hour. So I'm just gonna go with: dead.


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