May 10, 2010

Set aside our weight in sin, so that we can live again

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Here is another background featuring the cast in their last photoshoot together. But seriously, Vanity Fair, we know you have more, so just hand em over already.

Slightly less than two weeks left until the end of LOST. I can't believe how fast this final season has went. And for those of you who have watched sing 2004, I'm sure you can't believe how fast these past six years have went. I know a lot of people say how sad they are, and we fans really mean it. And for those of us who set aside time everyday, and dedicate it entirely to LOST, these last weeks are especially sentimental. LOST, for some fans, is like a full-time job.

We have a new episode tomorrow, which I've heard is kind of "special". I've got a pretty snazzy background ready for it, so stay tuned!


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