May 17, 2010

Incapable of lying

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Happy day before LOST day! I saw that "This is the End" promo twice last night and it really drove the point home that there are now only six days before LOST is gone for good. These past weeks I've been reading a lot criticism about this final season; most in response to the contentious "Across the Sea". Some I agree with, some not. Folks have been complaining about the rising "cheese" factor, or how unwise it is to be dilly-dallying this late in the game.

Now it's time for my own criticism. Not about the story, but the nature of the series itself. Here's the thing. I am sure we won't get all the answers. Some very major ones will probably be left out. But what I am also sure of, is that for many of us, it won't really matter. Think about why you watch LOST. Now think about why you still watch LOST. Watching this show is like being in a codependent relationship. You started the journey and you stuck with it because you thoroughly enjoyed where it took you. You were in it for all the right reasons. When things got weird, you saw it through because you were already involved. And now that you're nearing the end, you're so damn committed, so obsessed, so taken by the promise of answers that you will hold on whether or not you still believe in it. You gladly turn a blind eye to the continuity errors and the loose ends, the plot points that seem to come out of nowhere, because you know, or at the very least believe, that the bones of this story will remain intact at the conclusion, bringing us full circle in the final moments. Here's hoping, right? No matter how you feel about the end, you'll always think so fondly of the beginning, and that first impression, that thrill, is what you'll remember when you think of LOST. "Across the Sea" won't matter. "Stranger in a Strange Land" won't matter. "Expose" won't matter.

This is what LOST does to us. We allow it get away with so much because we love this show. I love this show. I wouldn't do this if I didn't. I wouldn't even bother to comment. I'm not a writer, and I don't make any money from any of my online ventures related to this series. All I am is a fan. And right now all I can do is watch, and wait, and believe. Namaste.


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