May 12, 2010

Please say it's not too late now that I'm dead and gone

(click each picture for full resolution)

These are taken from the Entertainment Weekly Dead LOSTies Portraits, which I just thought was so beautiful and simple. Not to mention they were all the perfect size! All I did here was add a memorable quote from each character.

These are non-tiling Twitter backgrounds. There are special color instructions for each of these:

Juliet -- set your background color to ebebeb
Charlotte -- set your background color to e2e2e2
Boone -- set your background color to f9f9f9
Danielle -- set your background color to e7e7e5
Libby -- set your background color to f0f0f0 (<--those are zeros)
Michael -- set your background color to f9f9f9
These backgrounds are in varying shades of grey that were dependent on the colors in the given portraits. The reason I have you change your background color all the time whether you see a difference or not, is because on a bigger monitor than your own, the right edge of the background extends only about a hundred pixels past the right edge of your screen. Which means if you have a different color background there than what is specified, it won't blend into the image I've given you. Just a note.

Meanwhile, what the hell was that yesterday? I suddenly don't know who I'm supposed to be rooting for here. Turns out that a big part of LOST is the underlying contest of who has the most fucked up parents. Some serious emotional damage done to both kids, and now I understand. One was so simple-minded that he would sooner resort to talking with his fists than reason with you. The other is like someone who's discovered fire for the first time. He's smart, clearly the favored one of the two. And I get why. He was special.


Anonymous said...

OK Sorry, but this is kinda morbid. Maybe if their eyes weren't closed.

used-songs said...

I took the one of Juliet. Thank you! They're all beautiful.

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