May 14, 2010

The glow that illuminates. The glare that obscures.

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Tuesday's episode was what many called "polarizing". While I agree that it was a tad (okay a lot) fantastical, I understand that we needed this. Two reasons: One, this episode benched all the cast regulars to make way for the mythology 'meat' of the season. Two, maybe we all needed less emotion after last week's bloodbath. Let's face it, some of you are still a little dehydrated.

So what did we learn? 1.) Jacob is a mama's boy, and the Man in Black is justifiably pissed off. 2.) The Island has been beckoning people towards itself for a long time. 3.) At the Island's core, there is a light, and it is beautiful. Apparently it's not just electromagnetism, it's a life force. It is this source that is now at the literal and figurative center of our story. It is a way off the Island, a means to an end. And it's physical representation, the smoke monster, is this close to meeting that end. All while following his fallen brother's rules.

(Skipped a day yesterday because I was too tired too function properly. You know that feeling when you're so sleepy that you've lost your fine motor movements? Like you're too tired to operate a mouse? Anyway I've inundated you all with a bunch of backgrounds for two days straight that one day won't kill. It's more a personal goal than anything else. Namaste.)


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